Textallion, a gamebook system

Eric Forgeot



With textallion, you can also create traditional "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, with the help of a "txt2CYOA" module. Those stories are like normal books, except they offer choices to the reader at some points in the narration.


Your sections (chapters) will be created using the default txt2tags heading (level 2):

== z ==

Important: You must add spaces around the number to create the anchor.


To create a choice, use either :

- Description of the choice (starting with a dash "-"): number
- Description of the choice: [#number]. More words afterwards.
- Description of the choice with a [#keyword], and some more things afterward.

with the number refering to the number of one of your chapter. Textallion will be able to detect that it's a choice, and link to the related chapter.

You must use the syntax [#number] if the number is followed by something and not alone at the end of the line. This syntax might not be supported in advanced export features (other CYOA systems). It works well with twine though.

Also if you need to describe your choice with more than one single [#keyword], or reuse the word but link to another place with another keyword for an alternative chapter, you can use this syntax:

[your description|#keyword_without-space]

The dash # is like an anchor which will redirect to the name of a chapter.


You can add pictures with [yourpicture.jpg] (or .png)

To use wrapped pictures, type:


(default textallion behavior)


It's possible to get a graph with all the chapters connected together.

You need to have graphviz installed to do that, and make sure each choice starts on one individual line, with a - and ends with the number of the choice.

You can invoque make cyoa-graph to produce the svg and png version.

Export to other game formats