Pynform is a simple front-end for the Inform 7 NI preprocessor.

It's neither a replacement for a complete Inform 7 IDE, nor the equivalent of Inform 7 for Mac OS X or MS Windows.

But it's a quick way to start making Inform 7 games on Linux. Note the lastest Inform 7 release officially supports linux now !

You can learn more about Inform on this website :


Pynform requires Python with tkinter for the front-end.
It can be run from the command line, and therefore requires only a linux shell (bash / sh)


Download the project here : pynform4S08.tar.gz

Instruction for use

Edit the story.txt file with your own game.
Make a backup of it for every new project (you can also make a backup of it from the little IDE).

Use ./ option1 where option1 can be :

  • a language choosen between en, fr, it or spa
  • gui to start the interactive gui (equivalent to python
  • help to display this help

Use ./ option1 option2 to choose option between

  • sans_accents (remove all accented letters)
  • opcode (opcode instead of accented letters, but doesn't work on I7)

You can also edit the script and change some default options in it.

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